Our Trusts

Asset Under Management

As of 31 March 2017, Toria manages assets with a combined NAV of US$5.6 billion.

Billion in Agriculture
Billion in Sustainable Energy
Billion in Healthcare

Our trusts are individually managed by fund managers with years of experience and foresight in the specific industry. They are supported by dedicated teams of analysts and researchers which provide valuable data, information and statistics. This has produced excellent results and we are confident that we will continue to outperform global benchmarks in the future.

How Our Trust Works

Toria adopts a private trust structure to manage our investments. Each trust is assigned its own fund manager, market experts and investment directives. The trust operates independently from the Toria family and is overseen by independent auditors. Our primary concern is protecting our client’s wealth and maximizing their returns, hence we believe this is the perfect structure to carry out our investments. This provides maximum accountability and safeguarding of our investors’ funds.

It is our core belief that investments in agriculture, sustainable energy and healthcare, is the optimal strategy to attain our fundamental objective of rewarding investors and changing the global social economic landscape. Each of our investment directives is carefully planned and detailed to ensure the following trust objectives can be met.

Agriculture Trust

Toria Finance’s Agriculture Trust aims to provide long term loans to small and medium agricultural firms and also provides asset management. Its success can be attributed to two core ideals of harnessing agricultural technology and establishing collaboration initiatives for local farmers and agricultural companies.

We hope to improve the global food system by revolutionizing world agriculture from farm to plate. We believe that to truly make an impact on global agriculture, we must start at the grassroots level, to take a wide-angle approach to improve existing methodology at the core of agriculture. Our focus is on emerging markets that has high levels of inefficiency due to outdated methods or lack of funding.

Another core area of investment is in early stage emerging markets agriculture and food sciences startups that promotes productivity and sustainability. We also aim to modernize food distribution networks to improve efficiency and outreach.

This trust has generated returns of 33.2% on average in the past 4 years.

Sustainable Energy Trust

Toria Finance’s Sustainable Energy Trust aims to invest in companies that specialize in sustainable energy infrastructure development. This includes the development of energy pipelines, wind farms and solar photovoltaic assets.

Toria pledges to support the green energy movement through acute investments in the sustainable energy sector. As of 2016, only 10% of the world’s energy is generated through sustainable source. Global trends indicate that sustainable energy will become the world’s primary power source by 2030. Toria plans to support this revolution at every stage. Since 2014, we have invested over US$1 billion into sustainable energy projects across the globe and we intend to be among the frontrunners to take advantage when sustainable energy inevitably replaces traditional sources of energy as the main power source.

This trust has generated returns of 27.8% on average in the past 4 years.

Healthcare Trust

Toria Finance’s Healthcare Trust aims to invest in biotechnological, pharmaceutical, digital health and data management firms. The objective is to participate in the long-term growth potential of the healthcare market and take advantage of the opportunities created by the biotechnology revolution.

Current demographic outlooks indicate that healthcare has never been more important and will continue to dominate as major countries continue to age. Toria believes that healthcare will become the number one concern in the world by 2035 and our healthcare portfolio directly invests in biotechnological, pharmaceutical, digital health and data management firms around the world. We also invest in medical infrastructure in developing countries where healthcare is not easily available to everyone.