Our Promise

Our mission is to always protect our investors’ interest, grow their wealth and be socially responsible. At Toria, it is our utmost priority to look after our clients’ needs, and attain our goals while making a difference to people’s lives. We adopt a three-pronged approach to attaining our objectives, investing mainly in agriculture, sustainable energy and healthcare sectors. We take pride in what we do because we truly believe that we can make a difference. Our investors put their faith in Toria because they know that beyond looking at the returns and bottom line, their investments are going towards good causes that will positively impact our world.

What we do

Toria Finance manages 3 private trusts which invests in the agriculture, sustainable energy and healthcare sectors. Raised capital from our investors are leveraged using our portfolio of land and other assets as collateral. The funds are then placed into our private trusts, which are open-ended investments, and invested into companies with significant growth possibilities for even higher returns for our investors.

Our trusts are individually managed by fund managers with years of experience and foresight in the specific industry. They are supported by dedicated teams of analysts and researchers which provide valuable data, information and statistics. This has produced excellent results and we are confident that we will continue to outperform global benchmarks in the future.

Differentiated Approach

Our approach is rooted in flexibility, creativity and managed pragmatism. Toria recognizes that social and environmental conditions in different regions demands its own tailored approach. Many private equity investors are often highly focused on a singular approach to investment. Such concentration often limits diversification and overlooks interesting alternative opportunities, possibly enhancing risk.

In contrast, Toria looks to build balanced portfolios using individualized approaches to each market, utilizing moderate leverage and innovative investment structure. We believe that adaptability is key in maneuvering fickle market conditions. This allows us to move ahead of our competitors and we maintain a strong focus on creating maximum value for our investors once we have achieved our business plans.