Our Firm

Who are we

Toria Finance is a global investment firm that strives to make a difference in our world by investing in critical areas that benefits the global population. It is our firm belief that many of the existing world issues, including social-economic, environmental and health, are due to inefficiencies of the economic system and may only be alleviated by promoting innovation and technology at all levels.

Area of Investment

  • Agriculture
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Healthcare

Our years of research and expertise indicate that these three sectors will have the highest potential for exponential growth in the coming era. Improvements in these areas will directly and indirectly improve the lives of the mass population. Toria is fully committed to this philosophy and will strive to always better our efforts in any way we can. We truly hope to a sterling example of excellence, social consciousness and exemplary conduct.


Toria Finance was founded in 2013 by CEO Gordon Reynolds with the vision of creating a lasting legacy of a socially conscious investment firm. Everything the firm has done since formation has been guided by this core principle – to outperform global benchmarks and generate extraordinary returns for our investors and to positively impact lives on both macro and micro level. This guiding principle has served us extremely well, by 2016 our assets under management had amplified to over US$5.6 billion and achieved a 3-year average return of 34.5% across our funds. By late 2017, Toria will have made another significant step into extending our global presence through our anticipated expansion into the China market.


At Toria, we believe intellectual capital is our number one asset. It is essential to providing creative solutions and making a difference. We are blessed to have assembled a team of some of the brightest and most talented professionals in the industry. The expertise, talent and achievements of our Toria team are second to none and the core reason why we have experienced such remarkable growth and returns over the years.


Gordon Reynolds

Graduated from the Imperial College of London with a Master of Science in Risk Management and Financial Engineering and North Carolina State University with a Master of Agricultural Science in Agricultural Science and Education.

Prior to leading Toria Financial, Gordon Reynolds was a member of the Management Committee of Silverpebble Investments and continued to serve as Regional Head of Investments for UBS South-East Asia in 1999. Mr. Reynolds serves as a member of the board of directors of University of Nottingham and as Co-Chairman of Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) Board of Trustees. He also serves on the boards of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Nature Conservancy.

Mr. Reynolds has been fundamental in shaping our corporate culture. His vision for a socially responsible company dictates our company identify and philosophy. His efforts have been recognized internationally and he has received the following awards:

– Top 100 Best Corporate Citizens, British RT Magazine.
– Top 50 best investment risk assessor, British financial magazine GFM
– International Agricultural Grain Association Agricultural Development Strategy Consultant